Tips To Get Your Child to Clean Their Room

Are you tired of constantly reminding on your child to clean their room? And then come back 30 minutes later to find him playing with their toys, the room looking worse than ever? Then try some of these tips to get your child motivated to clean their room.

Don’t Let The Mess Get Out Of Control

If your child’s room is totally out of control, you’ll have a hard time getting him to clean it all up. Jump in there with him, and get it all straightened out. Consider removing some of the toys at least temporarily. We started rotating some of our daughter’s toys and it’s working very well. Less toys in the room means less potential mess.

Have A Place For Everything

Take a few hours and organize everything in you child’s room. Your main focus is to make sure every single toy, book and piece of clothing has a place. It will be much easier for your child to keep their room clean if he knows exactly where everything goes. This also helps avoid him stuffing everything in the closet or toy box.

Turn on Some Music

Do you crank up the music when you clean the house? It’s a lot more fun to clean with music playing. The same goes for your child. Dig out one of their kid’s music CDs and turn it on for them when it’s time to clean. Show him how much fun it can be to dance around while you pick up toys.

Make It A Game

Take the having fun while cleaning up a step further by making it a game. See how can score the most points in toy box basketball or race each other to see who can clean up the most toys. Once your child gets the hang of cleaning their room and doesn’t need you by their side, race each other to see if he can clean their room faster than you can clean the living room or the kitchen.

Use The Put It Up Rule

Now that the initial clean up is done, take some steps to keep their room from getting out-of-control messy again. The easiest way to do this is to implement the put-up rule. After your child is done playing with one toy or game, get him in the habit of putting it up before he gets out the next. He will need some reminders from you in the beginning to get into this habit. If there are toys or clothes lying around by the end of the day, make him clean them up before bedtime.

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